FinTech Connect North America 2022 [Mar 15-16]

Cookhouse Labs is delighted to be a media partner at the upcoming FinTech Connect North America 2022 virtual conference! 

After the successful North American event last June, the FinTech Connect team is thrilled to be hosting 2 days of exclusive webinars for our FinTech Community. With only 5 webinars across 3 days and 25 speakers, you’ll want to clear your schedule so you don’t miss out. 

They will be bringing together the leading disruptors within financial services to discuss the most innovative stories coming from the Payments, Investment and Blockchain communities. Join them as they host pioneers within their field who will debate, discuss and challenge each other on the biggest tools and technologies within FinTech. This is your opportunity to be part of the discussions shaping the future of the financial market. 

The biggest markets in the world need to be at the forefront of technology. Come help them make that happen, join them for their online content series 15 – 16th March 2022!