Lunch & Learn: The Future of IoT in Insurance

In this free virtual Lunch & Learn webinar, we will shine a light on the status quo and the development of IoT in insurance.

The insurance industry is experiencing the biggest transformation ever, from being a passive risk taker to becoming an active risk manager. With this comes a shift from providing products to now providing services. The days where insurers are passively covering the risk of a financial loss without providing insights on how to mitigate risks are soon to be over. Customers are demanding that insurers provide insights, tools, and services to better understand their specific risk and how to reduce it.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is taking a leading role in this transformation. Fitness trackers, smart home speakers and thermostats, connected vehicles, smartwatches, and toothbrushes are providing us with information on how healthy we eat, how many steps we are missing, or how much we are speeding when we drive.

Without detailed, and often real time, data about insured risks, insurers won’t be able to provide insights to the individual risk of customers. Although the industry is aware of the importance of IoT, 70% of insurers say IoT data is important to their company’s strategy (LexisNexis 2018), while only 5% of insurers are currently using IoT data.

In our upcoming 60 min Lunch & Learn webinar, Co-Founder Sven Roehl will share insights on the status quo and the future of IoT in insurance.

As a guest, we have invited Christoph Knapp, Executive Vice President at msg global solutions AG, to talk about the company’s IoT Analyzer (IoTA), which has been awarded by SAP and HERE as the IoT Tool of the year. IoTA was developed together with insurers and their actuaries to meet insurers’ demands to analyze, enhance and model IoT data for multiple business lines and create a 360 degree view of customers. msg global will talk about customer success stories and the latest development of IoTA in the area of claims management.

This event is part of our Virtual Calendar for the month of June. As our gift to the community during these challenging times, we have made all our virtual events this month free of charge. If you are an insurer, reinsurer, broker, insurance-related startup, or academia, this event is open and free for you.

Organizer: Cookhouse Labs

Guest Speaker: Christoph Knapp, msg global solutions AG, Switzerland

Venue: Live virtual webinar

Start Time: 11:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Meet the Speakers

Sven Roehl

Cookhouse Labs

During his 20-years digital innovation journey in Financial Services, Sven has been responsible for numerous digital innovations in areas such as IoT, customer engagement, analytics, and platform services. He started his professional career as an M&A consultant, specializing in environmental risk management, and co-founded his first IT company to develop innovative IoT and GIS solutions in 2005 for the German insurance industry. Since then, Sven has worked with 60+ insurers around the globe to provide innovation services, always following his mission to Make Insurance Better. In 2016 Sven relocated from London, UK to Toronto, Canada.

Christoph Knapp
Executive Vice President
msg global solutions AG

Christoph Knapp serves as Executive Vice President for msg global solutions AG in Switzerland. Christoph has been working for 9 years within the msg group. He is the product owner of the Insurance IoT Analytics Platform, called IoT Analyzer (IoTA), and has led some IoT implementation projects in Europe. After joining msg global solutions AG in 2010 from Aptargroup, Christoph functioned as a consultant in a variety of vertical markets within the SAP consulting business. Before his work with msg group, Chris worked as an In-House Consultant in different positions, with a focus on Business Process Management and Software Implementation.

Lunch & Learn: How to Become an Innovation Anticipator

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that the world can change rapidly. As more challenges evolve in this ever-shifting landscape, it has become necessary for the insurance industry to innovate.

Unfortunately, many companies exist today that are not prepared for the obstacles that they have come with this outbreak. For them and many others, the willingness to adapt and innovate quickly in these challenging times is the key to success.

These companies fall into categories of Survivors and Fast Followers. They watch industry leaders innovate and succeed, then attempt to replicate this success in order to survive. A shocking majority of these companies are Survivors, focusing only on short-term performance, which leaves them unprepared for difficult challenges. For these two groups to continue forward, they must create their own futures. In other words, they must join the industry leaders and become Anticipators.

Innovation Anticipators are rare, but they hold the keys to the future. They are busy creating their own future based on the opportunities provided by technology.

So, how does one become an Anticipator in the insurance industry?

In our upcoming Lunch & Learn session, Co-Founder Sven Roehl will explore the path to becoming an Innovation Anticipator. He will discuss strategies you can implement in your organization to help you innovate, as well as tools and resources that you will need to reformulate your products and services.

To get a taste of what you will learn in this short webinar, check out Sven’s blog, Become An Anticipator, Not Just A Survivor, as well as his talk at ICTC 2020 on the subject.

This event is part of our Virtual Calendar for the month of May. As our gift to the community during these challenging times, we have made all our virtual events this month free of charge. If you are an insurer, reinsurer, broker, insurance-related startup, or academia, this event is open and free for you.

Organizer: Cookhouse Labs

Venue: Live virtual webinar. Access the recording here.

Start Time: 11:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Lunch & Learn with SAP – The Path to the new normal for Insurance and Banking

It is increasingly clear that our era will be defined by a fundamental schism: the period before COVID-19 and the new normal that will emerge in the post-viral era: the “new normal.” Now, more than ever, Banking and Insurance providers need real-time insights to help them make data-driven decisions and better collaborate with their customers, their employees as well as their partners.

Please join us for a live interactive webinar during which Yasmin Beddek, Enterprise Account Director will host Timm Schindler, Program Manager AOK Plus (AOK is the largest statutory health insurer in Germany) and Nadeem, Shaikh, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Producer Management at a Leading Insurance provider in the United States. The conversation will revolve around industry-specific challenges and opportunities.

The webinar will allow you to learn how world-class organizations are using customer experience tools to:

  • Increase agent and employee satisfaction and engagement by delivering timely, accurate compensation reports and payments.
  • Compete for external agent loyalty by offering better service.
  • Build and integrate a digital Commerce platform and marketplace where other providers could offer their services online.

As we navigate this unprecedented era, SAP remains focused on ensuring the health, well-being, and livelihoods of our employees, customers, and communities. Visit Practical Help to Tackle COVID-19 Disruptions to access free technologies and current resources that can support and guide your business forward. 

Organizer: SAP, Cookhouse Labs, msg global, Canidium

Venue: On Demand (recording of a live virtual webinar)

Duration: 1 hour, 28 minutes


11:00 AM – Keynote: Current challenges and industry trends

11:15 AM – Voice of Customer on Commissions – Canadium

11:30 AM – Customer Story: A Leading Insurance provider in the United States

11:45 AM – Voice of Customer on Commerce Cloud – MSG

12:00 PM – Customer story: AOK: The largest statutory health insurer in Germany

12:15 PM – Q&A and Closing Thoughts