1 Day – Lean Startup Training

Learn about the Lean Startup methodology and how you can implement it on your future projects.

Lean Startup is a methodology that supports the development of products, services and businesses and teaches how to achieve this development within a short period. The process includes fundamentals of design thinking and it define a new way to start and launch a business and/or product.

Join this online workshop to learn a new way to approach starting a business or launching a product.

  • By the end of the half-day Lean Startup Workshop, you will be able to:
  • Define Lean Startup and learn how to use the methodology in your business
  • Identify the steps needed to apply the methodology
  • Learn how to map out the process and whether for a business or a product
  • Re-define how to prepare, experiment and present the start of a new idea
  • Learn how to measure success while using the method

To reserve your spot, email us at cookhouselabs@msg-global.com!