Food for Thought: How does the AI Konfuzio supersede humans in document understanding?

Food for Thought ft. AI-Startup Konfuzio

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In our upcoming Food for Thought live session, we’re excited to welcome Christopher Helm, CEO & Co-Founder of Konfuzio, a Germany-based provider of self-learning SaaS software to digitize the paperwork in enterprises.

The right information in the right place. Manual typing of important data is a thing of the past. Konfuzio is the distribution center for unstructured data and delivers the right information, structured and categorized, where your employees need it for smart processes. Important information often exists only in an unstructured form – hidden in emails, documents or handwritten texts – and thus remains unused. In order to make this data usable, manual transfers determine the processes and workflows of companies, no matter what size – and this puts pressure on company performance. Konfuzio changes that. Show your employees and customers an easier way to process unstructured data. Use Artificial Intelligence to streamline processes, eliminate complexity and free up capacity.

In our Food for Thought webinar, we will discuss how Konfuzio can streamline processes within the insurance industry.

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