Food for Thought: AI-Powered Brian Rocks Consulting. What About Insurance?

Food for thought: AskBrian

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In our first session of 2021, we’re excited to welcome Pavol Sikula, Founder & CEO of AskBrian, a Germany-based provider of an AI-powered digital assistant for business professionals.

AskBrian has built a “Siri” for business professionals, which not only answers questions but also performs recurring tasks, including translating documents from/to 100 languages, converting files, providing graphics for presentation slides, and conducting multiple research tasks. The assistant, called Brian, currently has 24 distinct skills designed especially to meet the needs of consultants. In November 2020 alone, Brian served users from 120 companies.

In our Food for Thought webinar, we will discuss Brian’s relevance to the insurance industry, with a deep dive into claims management.

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