Design Tools Masterclass [Nov 16-17]

Take your design thinking knowledge to the next level with our Design Tools Training!

Working in Innovation is more than coming up with creative and unique ideas. It is about how you present the ideas to your potential customers during the important phases of interviews and testing and of course, when you present them to your sponsors. If you have been to a design thinking workshop at our labs or elsewhere you know the emphasis we put on creating a prototype. And let’s be honest, knowing what tool to use and where to start is not an easy task.

Join this workshop to learn about the fundamental Design Tools and which ones suit your business needs, which are the most challenging and the easiest to use. Let our UX/UI designer walk you through the process of choosing the right tool.

How can I join?

This training is exclusively for members of Cookhouse Labs. Here’s how you can get started with your Cookhouse Labs membership!


Online, virtual