Everything You Need to Know About the Back to Business Summit

FAQs Back to Business Summit

After we recently announced our upcoming Back to Business Summit, many members of the community reached out to us with questions about the event. To bring you up to speed on how you can get involved in this community support project, we’ve summarized some of the questions we frequently receive below!

  1. What is the Back to Business Summit?

Cookhouse Labs is partnering with the Insurance industry to organize this virtual community support summit, designed to aid small business owners across the Americas in recovering from recent business interruptions and support them in preparing themselves to go Back to Business. The event will comprise a mix of live and on-demand sessions which focus on key business topics that are important to the small business community. The event will go live on September 15 and 16, 2020, and will be entirely online/virtual.

  1. Why should I get involved?

Insurance was born out of the idea of community and right now, it is our responsibility to show up for the small business owners in our community. They are more than just business owners – they are our friends, neighbors, and family members. In these trying times, the community needs to come together. Your small business customers need your help to navigate the uncertain futures they face. This event is your way to:

  • Provide community support
  • Connect with your customers
  • Show you care
  1. How can I provide support and get involved?

There are four ways to get involved in the Back to Business Summit. You can:

  • Provide expert speakers for defined topics
  • Invite your customers to the event
  • Spread the word, share, and repost our posts on Social Media
  • Join the event coordination team

The event is an opportunity for Partners to connect with their small business customers. We will provide invitation emails, website registration links, and social media content so that you can share the event information directly with your customers.

  1. What topics will be covered in the speaker sessions?

We surveyed small business owners across the Americas to see what business topics they are interested in learning more about. Some of the high-interest topics are:

  • Business Strategy and Planning
    – Clarify Mission & Vision
    – What is the New Normal?
    – Design Thinking 101

  • Marketing and Social Media
    – Marketing 101
    – Social Media 101
    – Build Customer Personas

  • Insurance Policy, Coverage, and Claims
    – Know Your Coverage
    – Know Your Rights
    – Tips for Filing a Claim

  • Financial Planning & Taxes
    – Cash Flows and Expenses
    – Banking Resources
    – How to Protect Employees
  1. What benefits will I enjoy as a Partner?
  • Create goodwill with your customers
  •  Access expert knowledge for your customers
  • Expand your commercial network and meet potential small business customers
  • Receive high brand visibility throughout the event promotion and Summit duration
  • Show your customers that you care about them!

We invite you to join us in making a difference to the community – become an official Back to Business Partner and support your small business customers!

To get in touch with our Events Coordination Team about this community support opportunity, click here.