Cookhouse Labs and InsurLabs Germany Get Busy Innovating in Cologne.

We breathe collaboration – and this summer all the way from Cologne, Germany.

This year we packed our bags and joined forces with InsurLab Germany. We unpacked at their campus and ran a three-days innovation sprint with seven German insurance organizations. The topic of choice was one we have ran before in Toronto  – From Passive Risk Carrier to Active Risk Manager levering on IoT.

It was an awesome experience working with a local Innovation lab and its members and it was fun to do one of our favorite things to do – spread the Cookhouse Lab methodology in a global scale.

By the end of the third day the teams presented two solutions that once overlapped alleviated the pain points mentioned by customers during the interviews each team conducted.

In summary, the participants designed concept solutions based on the impact and benefits of using IoT and the customer-friendly use of data collected from IoT devices.

As always we implemented some dancing, creative team sports and artistic expression as part of the design thinking process and Cookhouse Labs experience.

We look forward to future collaboration with InsurLab Germany – we will keep you posted as they might visit our campus in the near future.